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Hunter Estess: Multifamily Apartment Investment

Hunter Estess

· Hunter Estess

Hunter Estess is a proven real estate investor, particularly when it comes to profitable investment in multifamily apartment buildings. Having recently closed the acquisition of a $3.7 million New Orleans-based apartment complex, Hunter Estess is looking to reposition the property by adding significant value through a sizable rehab budget and top-notch property management.

A savvy and experienced apartment investor, Hunter Estess understands what it takes for beginning apartment investors to really cut their teeth in the multifamily market. Investment success requires:


As an investor, it’s crucial that you educate yourself on everything there is to know about apartment investing beforehand. Knowing how it works, how value is assessed, etc., is the beginning of a good foundation.

Daily Property Evaluation

Taking the time each day evaluate a potential investment’s worth and room for improvement can be a great way to learn and refine those skills needed to build on your success.

Hunter Estess has been an active and successful multifamily real estate investment professional for several years.

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