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Hunter Estess: Basics of Real Estate Investment

Hunter Estess

· Hunter Estess

Hunter Estess is a successful real estate investor, having turned the ownership and deposition of multiple North Louisiana and Gulf South properties into a strong source of investment income throughout his career.

Though now focused primarily on multi-family real estate investment, Hunter Estess understands the many opportunities aspiring investors have to make money in the field. These include:

Basic Rentals

Commonly, the owner of a rental property will charge the tenant enough to cover the costs of the property’s mortgage and upkeep. Once the mortgage has been paid, much of the rent becomes profit.

Real Estate Investment Groups

A Real Estate Investment Group will generally purchase such properties as apartments or condos, and then allow investors to buy properties as part of the group. Maintenance and upkeep are usually taken care of by the Group in exchange for a portion of the collected rent.

REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

A REIT, as Hunter Estess knows, is a vessel through which a corporation, or trust, purchases properties with investors’ money. Investors profit through dividends paid out by the REIT.

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