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    Veteran real estateentrepreneurHunter Estess, owner of Dash Development and Estess Contractors, often make profits through real estate via the buy and hold method. Buy and hold doesn’t sound flashy, but over time and with equities, this investment approach can pay larger dividends. The patience to leave investments alone, sometimes for a decade or longer, and the willingness to ride out market fluctuations, are necessary for an investor to benefit from the buy and hold approach.


    Typical buy and hold portfolios hold a 60/40 ratio in terms of stocks and bonds. The stocks in this traditional method of investment will prompt growth and create capital over many years, and if the stocks produce dividends, the investor can also count on additional, steady revenue. Regarding the bonds component of the buy and hold method, they provide additional consistent revenue that can be used as supplemental income as bonds have a tendency to remain stable. Older investors who are nearer to retirement age may want a buy and hold portfolio that is heavier on bonds than stocks, while younger investors may want to take more risks by investing more in stocks than bonds and maximizing their efforts to make profits.


    Hunter Estess and other prominent real estate moguls and investors know the difference between value stocks and growth stocks, something that investors who want to succeed should be aware of as well. Value stocks are so named because the stocks revolve around companies that are in a downturn, but that may show a burst of growth in the future. Growth stocks involve younger, newer companies that have made the S&P Top 500 Index and which have an excellent market position and show potential for significant gains in the future.


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    Leverage is another significant consideration before investing in apartments. An investor can purchase more properties with less money down, but this can also lead to issues with negative cash flow if the value on the properties decreases. Consider buying into equity as a key component for apartment investing, as buying into equity is easier than creating it outright. Investors should also examine the benefits and difficulties of appreciation and be aware of the risks involved in this type of real estate venture.

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